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Cheap Hotel Accommodation: Safety Tips

When you are getting ready to book accommodation for your next vacation or business trip and you are trying to limit the expenses as much as possible, you might be ignoring certain amenities and perks. However, one element you cannot afford to ignore no matter how limited your budget might be, is safety. Here is what you can do to make sure your physical integrity, life, as well as the integrity of your personal belongings will not be affected no matter how cheap of a hotel you might choose.24ynewjerseylocksmiths handles car and commercial locks

Pick A Room Placed On An Intermediate Floor

While you might be tempted to choose a lower floor so in case of a fire you can quickly escape out the window and off the emergency staircase, if present. However, security experts recommend you opt for a higher floor that will prevent potential burglars from climbing up to your window and trying to make a break-in through it. It is best to opt for a room somewhere in between the thirds and the sixth floor in you will choose a tall hotel building located in an area that is known for its high rate of crimes. Carefully study the fire escape plan you can find inside the room and memorize it when you check into the room. Also, check the state of the lock on the entry room and, in case tour room has a common area with another room, check the state of the respective lock as well. If you notice your key does not perfectly fit the keyway or it is too worn out, go to the reception area and make your problem known and solved as soon as possible.

It is also recommended to book a room is facing the interior of the building in the detriment of a room located on the exterior side. The fewer people can have access to your room, the better off you will be. Use your own padlock in the meanwhile, until the hotel manager will send over a locksmith to fix the issue with your lock. Pack a simple or electronic/automatic padlock so you can sleep restfully at night knowing the door is secured properly.

Inspect The Room When You Get To The Hotel

Never go to sleep inside a room that you did not bother to carefully go through before; check the bathroom, look behind the curtains, inside the closet, behind doors and basically search every corner of the room. If the lock on the door is not working right and you forgot to pack your travel padlock, you should also prop a sturdy chair against the door – sure it might sound like a scene from the movies, but it is also a useful way of staying safe in a less than safe hotel room.

Do A Full Lockdown

If possible, use the small locks on the windows of a higher floor room and lock the windows before going to bed and pull the curtains so no one can see you walking around the room. In case it is the middle of the summer and there is no working A/C inside the room, you can pack a small fan or buy one locally and use it instead of opening your windows.

Never open the room when someone you do not know personally is knocking and keep a flashlight by your bed – it could save your life in case of an emergency as it will point you in the right direction.

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