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Rejuvenated Marseille

The culturally-focused city has old and new highlights for visitors

Visitors to Marseille, France should try bouillabaisse, a fish dish for which the Mediterranean port city is famous.
France’s oldest and second-largest city, Marseille, was the 2013 Capital of Culture – and the Mediterranean port city is living up to the title with classic and modern offerings that are making the destination increasingly visitor friendly.

– European and Mediterranean Civilizations Museum, or MuCEM: The new facility opened this past June. It is located in a modern building overlooking the sea outside the historical Vieux Port, and is linked by a bridge to the 17th century Fort Saint-Jean, which is now part of the museum. The museum focuses on the Mediterranean-facing cultures, their connections, their histories, and modern-day challenges.
– Notre-Dame de la Garde: Travel to this 19th century hilltop church located 500 feet above sea level to see amazing views of the Vieux Port, the mountains behind the city and the Mediterranean.
– Chateau d’If: This 16th century island fortress is associated with Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel “The Count of Monte Cristo,” and a famous draw for visitors to the city.
– Bouillabaisse: Visitors should be sure to try bouillabaisse, a fish soup for which the city is famous. The dish began as a cheap fisherman’s dish made with unsold fish and has evolved into an elegant specialty of the city.

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