• Canyon Adventures

    Adventurers at Rio Perdido can soar above the canyon and river on 5 ziplines, as well as test their bravery on a pendulum cable, a “Tarzan swing,” and a challenge bridge.

  • Natural Hot Springs

    Eight springs feed hot water into the on-property river, creating natural pools of different temperatures. Guests can bathe in the hot and cold mineral waters, surrounded by nothing by pristine forest.

  • River Thrills

    White water tubing takes place on other parts of the river system.

  • Preserving Nature

    Rio Perdido is highly committed to preserving its surroundings. A geothermal power plant supplies its energy, and construction is designed to impact the environment as little as possible. As a result, it’s a great place to spot wildlife!

  • Extreme Biking

    An extensive mountain bike circuit offers segments for both amateur and advanced riders, with routes of different lengths, difficulties and terrains, as well as rewarding views, waterfalls, a cave, and more.

  • Contemporary Accommodations

    The property’s bungalows feature a clean design, relaxing furnishings, and modern amenities. Curl up in a hammock on the terrace and get back to nature – though there is wireless Internet, cable TV, and air conditioning if you need it.

  • Sit Back and Relax

    Three freshwater pools dot the property, complemented by plush loungers and a swim-up bar.

  • Remote and Beautiful

    Guests at Rio Perdido are completely surrounded by pristine nature. Hiking trails lead to stunning panoramas, a beautiful waterfall, and volcanic rock formations.

  • Local Cuisine

    Delicious, authentic food using fresh, local ingredients is served at the resort’s restaurant and bar, which also focuses on sustainable practices. As a bonus, diners enjoy panoramic views of the outdoors.

  • Wellness and Pampering

    A variety of classic treatments are available at the on-site spa. For something a little more unique, request the signature volcanic mud treatment, before a soak in the warm river.

A Dream Costa Rica Retreat

A photo tour of Rio Perdido, where outdoor adventure and pampering relaxation take place in pristine nature

Back in December of 2012, I was enjoying the winter warmth of Costa Rica, when I made an incredible discovery. Deep in the tropical dry forest of the Guanacaste region, I was taken to a new eco-resort in what seemed like the middle of nowhere – it was called Rio Perdido, and it was paradise.

At the time of my visit, Rio Perdido – which means “Lost River” – was a 600-acre private reserve created around a thermo-mineral river, designed to complement its natural surroundings and built with a high commitment to sustainability and ecological conservation. It was a place to spend your day combining luxurious pampering with thrilling adventure, by way of natural hot springs, a spa, three pools, and an extensive “aerial canyoning” system made up of ziplines, swings, and challenge bridges.

It was an amazing experience back then, but the property is even more impressive today. Expanded adventure activities take place in stunning, remote nature and include ziplining, hiking, mountain biking, and white water tubing. Relaxation options range from soaking in the thermal river to luxuriating at the on-property spa. And, best of all, Rio Perdido now has 20 beautiful bungalows where guests can book a stay.

Want to see what’s waiting at Rio Perdido? These photos offer a glimpse of the unforgettable experience.

Rio Perdido’s ever-evolving offerings will continue to improve in 2015. The property has plans for Saturday morning sunrise walks and night cycling, as well as a Beers and Gears festival, featuring local and international microbreweries. There will also be enhancements to the white water tubing activities, and in-room offerings such as the minibars, which will be tailored to each guest’s desires. Finally, the resort has started an agriculture project to grow its own herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

Learn more about Rio Perdido’s hotel, activities, and sustainable ideology at www.rioperdido.com.

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All photos courtesy of Gabriel Saragovia and Rio Perdido.

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