February 3, 2023

Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” There is something cathartic about surrounding oneself with nature. Feed your natural instincts with these once in a lifetime trips. From tracking chimps in Uganda to diving with the pelagic species of the Azores, here are the five best wildlife adventures around the globe.

Uganda’s Unforgettable Wildlife

Immerse yourself in the intriguing Kiblae Forest Nature park, where you will get an up-close look at 13 species of primates. Hike the path of a family of chimpanzees and spend an hour among these fascinating creatures observing the rituals of their daily life from feeding their young to grooming. The trip also includes a thrilling boat ride beneath Murchison Falls, gorilla trekking in Bwindi, and more chimps swinging through the trees on your trek through the Kazinga Channel.

Azores Devil Ray Adventure

Aquatic adventurers set off with experts as they explore the island of Azores, known for its renowned pelagic encounters. Attracting thousands of divers each year, the star of the show is the water’s devil rays. Take photos of the abundant marine life that call these waters home. In the evenings, a team of scientists educate visitors on the diverse range of species seen throughout the day.

Sichuan’s Sensational Mammals & Birds

Surrounding themselves in the immersive beauty of the Sichuan Province, home to some of China’s most distinctive wildlife, enthusiasts will marvel at the region’s spectacular and rare species of birds. Beyond our feathery friends, Labahe Nature Reserve and the Woolong Nature Preserve are home to golden snub nose monkeys, Asian black bears, red pandas and a plethora of birds, including the majestic firethroat.

South Australia’s Islands, Rivers and Ranges

Explore the multifaceted world of South Australia, from the Samphire Coast & Eyre Peninsula to the dense eucalyptus forests of Adelaide Hills. The endemic mammals and a diverse assortment of more than 200 species of birds – from the chirping wedge bill to the Regent parrot – await as you voyage through their picturesque home of botanical gardens, forests and salt lakes. Expect to see pods of dolphins, the endangered southern harry nosed wombat and even little penguin nest holes on this once in a lifetime trek thorough South Australia’s islands, rivers and ranges.

Kayaking Vacation in Indonesia

Get lost in a faraway land as you paddle some of the world’s most remote beaches, costal caves and islands.  Ideal for both novice and experienced paddlers, Indonesia’s opaque blue green water allows for unobstructed snorkeling among the vibrant coral reefs, whilst manta rays and turtles. Maneuvering the sea on kayaks brings lands you on the shores of unexpected beaches, perfect for viewing land animals from buffalo to wild pigs. An experienced kayak guide leads travelers on a 12-day kayak voyage navigating the islands from Bali onwards to an adventure of a lifetime.

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