June 10, 2023

One of the most enjoyable aspects of travel is trying new foods while exploring a new destination. If you’re planning a European getaway, you may be wondering what cities to visit to try delicious eats. There are many cities with fantastic dishes and fun food tours. Feeling hungry and planning your next trip? Here are some of our favorite European places with must-try food tours.


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If you’re craving Spanish tapas and also want to explore the coast, a trip to Barcelona is a must. This city is full of flavor and fun. Paella, patatas bravas, bombas, and pa amb tomaquet are some favorite eats you need to try while in this gorgeous vacation spot. There are plenty of food tours here that will guide you as you taste local foods and learn about the city’s history. Don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of cold sangria!


Paris is another great European city that is perfect for foodies. While exploring the magnificent City of Lights, you have to try the amazing cuisine. You’ll get to enjoy plenty of wine and delicious dishes when you take part in a food tour. Plan to try meats and cheeses, oysters, croissants, and of course crepes. Once you taste the food here, yu’ll be wanting to plan another trip back to eat more!


Prague is known for its beautiful architecture, good beer, and hearty Czech foods. If you’re a food-lover, you’ll want to take a food tour in this impressive city. Give a chlebíčky or open-faced sandwich a try and be sure to warm up with a bowl of goulash. Of course, Czech beers are plentiful, too! We dare you to try every dish that you can while visiting here.


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Rome is one of the most popular cities to visit if you want to experience traditional Italian cuisine and taking a food tour is a great way to learn the best places to dine from a local who knows the city best. Be sure to taste suppli, carbonara, artichokes, and pizza. You can compliment your meal with some local wines, and then fnish your tour up with some mouthwatering gelato!


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Berlin also has a lot to offer. It’s full of culture and history and many notable attractions. This city also offers visitors the chance to taste the local German cuisine. Currywurst, wiener schnitzel, käsespätzle, and sweet German pancakes are some of the dishes you may end up trying. Don’t forget to sample some of the beers while you’re at it.

Wondering which food tour to experience? Consider booking a tour with the following companies:

Eating Europe
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All of these companies offer guided food tours in the above cities. It’s a great way to get educated and find the best places to eat. Make sure that you get to enjoy an authentic, local experience by trying the best foods in each city that you visit.

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