June 7, 2023

There are many fantastic, must-see destinations to visit as a traveler. But, as global warming takes over—some of the most beautiful places in the world are quickly changing. It’s a good plan to visit these gorgeous getaways while you can! Wondering where to go on your next trip? Here are some of our favorite places to visit before climate change drastically changes the landscape.

The Alps

Credit: Flickr

Throughout Europe, the Alps offer stunning scenery and an excellent destination for outdoor lovers and sports adventurers. It’s the largest mountain system in all of Europe and spans throughout many European countries. As temperatures continue to increase, the glaciers are melting away—which is completely changing the Alps. You may want to schedule a visit before this mountain range loses all of its snow.

The Great Barrier Reef

Located off the coast of Queensland in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is a breathtaking ecosystem and is the world’s largest coral reef system. It is home to a very diverse marine life. Many issues are causing serious harm to this beautiful place—including global warming, overfishing, and ship traffic. Global warming is primarily an issue as the rising water temperatures are killing off the coral. Don’t continue to put off planning your trip here.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park, located in Montana, is one of the top beauties in the United States. It’s in northwestern Montana and shares a border with Canada. The views here are unreal, and there is some impressive wildlife! But, the glaciers are disappearing due to global warming. This national park used to have 150 glaciers, but now there are around 25 left. As global warming continues to be a big issue, the glaciers will be all be gone eventually.

The Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a beautiful nation made up of more than 1,000 islands. The perfect weather, blue water, and white sands attract tourists from all over. While this place is indeed paradise—it’s islands are slowly sinking due to climate change. If you want to visit someday, sooner rather than later is best.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is officially the lowest place on Earth and its one of those must-see destinations on many people’s bucket lists. Since the Dead Sea has a high concentration of salt, it causes the water to be very dense, allowing our bodies to float easily. The sea’s mineral mud is also used to improve skin concerns. As global warming continues to harm our world, the Dead Sea’s water levels drop, and the sea is shrinking.

If you’ve wanted to visit any of these amazing places, now is the time to plan your trip. As climate change continues to change our Earth, we will have fewer destinations to visit, and the wildlife and environment will be forever impacted.

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