March 27, 2023

Costa Rica’s rainy season — also known as the “green season” — is far from dreary

Book a Costa Rica trip in November, the tail end of the rainy season, and see a stunningly verdant aftermath.
Saving on hotel and tour prices isn’t the only reason to visit Costa Rica in the May-to-November rainy season (though it doesn’t hurt). Before you book, discover what the “green season” in this tropical paradise has to offer.

1. Lush landscapes. The tropical scenery that postcards are made of—misty cloud forests, wild gardens blooming with heliconias, and thick rainforests—is at its most vibrant in the rainy season.

2. Surf’s up. Costa Rica is a popular surf destination, and while amateur surfers may prefer tamer dry-season waters, experienced surfers go in the rainy season, when waves are bigger and faster on the Pacific Coast.

3. Short and sweet showers. Downpours rarely last longer than a few hours a day in earlier rainy season months; the sun still makes frequent appearances and the weather is warm. Plus, a shower can be refreshing after—or during!—high-adrenaline activities like ziplining.

4. Private paradise. Aside from popular school summer vacation times, you’ll have more of the country to yourself in the rainy season. More privacy means fewer crowds, lower prices, and more attentive service.

5. Right for romance. The rain can add to the romance of your trip. Get a room with a forest or ocean view and relax to the soundtrack of the pit-a-pat of rain on the leaves and the chirping of tropical birds.

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