June 7, 2023

Some of the Latin America’s most thrilling sites are best accessed by bicycle

Many bike tours in Central and South America depart only a couple times per year and they fill up fast, so book well in advance.
Getting off the beaten path on two wheels can be the best way to see some of Central and South America’s most amazing natural and cultural attractions. Try one of these bike tours for an unusual and adrenaline-filled vacation.

Mayan Highlands, Guatemala
You need some serious riding chops to tackle the trails on the highest mountain range in Central America, the Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes. Get the adrenaline pumping as you push up—then zip down—impossibly steep hills. Along the way, visit Mayan ruins, remote Mayan villages, and jungle waterfalls. 10 days. www.sacredrides.com

Andes and Amazon, Ecuador
Though you’ll bike nearly every day on this tour, it’s a multisport adventure that also includes hiking in the rainforest, whitewater rafting, and horseback riding up the slope of an active volcano. Visits to Quechua villages and hot springs are other highlights. 10 days. www.bikehike.com

Patagonia, Chile
Waterfalls, lava fields, and jagged mountain peaks are just some of the scenery you’ll see by bike on this tour, which also includes canyoning, whitewater rafting, hiking and horseback excursions. An unusual and fascinating tour stop is the fjord cruise with local fisherman and a meal shared in the home of a local family. 13 days. www.wildland.com

Andes Cross, Argentina and Chile
Good food, good conversation, and spectacular views are the highlights of this all-cycling tour through the Andes mountain range via Vergara Pass, a truly off-the-beaten-path route. The tour has some challenging hills to start out, but it gets easier as you go, with thrilling downhill coasting as you near your destination in Chile. 9 days. www.mtbtours.com

Coasts and Vineyards, Uruguay
What better way to tour the wine region than by bike? You’ll cycle between 3 and 24 miles a day on this tour, but the biking is almost secondary to the wine tastings and elegant meals along the way. Other highlights are a cooking course, a visit to a local artist’s workshop, nights out on the town, and a ride through Parque Anchorena, a private national park where thousands of wild deer roam free. 7 days. www.duvine.com

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