March 27, 2023

If you travel a lot for business, you may feel like you never have enough time to travel for personal reasons. While business travel can at times be draining, you can use your work trips to your advantage. By turning your work trip into a getaway, you can maximize the time that you spend away and have more fun, too. Here are some great ways to turn your work trip into a getaway.

Wake Up Early to Get More Done

If you have meetings or events planned for work, it can be an advantage to wake up early and get some personal activities done on your own time. This will allow you to squeeze more fun in, even on the busiest of days. Ideas include scheduling a morning jog or going to museums or attractions that open earlier in the day. If this isn’t an option, alternatively fill your evenings with local fun instead of lounging around your hotel room.

Strategically Pick Your Hotel

If you’re in charge of picking the hotel that you stay out for work trips, being strategic during the planning process is a must. You can look for a hotel that is nearby the most attractions so that you can easily get around and explore. You can also consider staying at a hotel that offers excellent amenities like staying at a hotel with a top-rated spa — which will make it easier for you to enjoy the perks of the hotel in your free time.

Extend Your Trip By a Day or Two

If you’re traveling for business, it can be worthwhile to extend your trip. This is an excellent option if your work is flexible on the days that you fly in and out for your event or conference. Doing this allows you to take advantage of already being at a new destination. While it may cost you vacation or personal days, you already made an effort to get to where you need to be — so why not explore and see and do more?!

Research and Schedule Activities and Meals at Specific Places

Take some time to research your work destination and make a list of top activities you want to do and restaurants that you’d like to eat at. If you need to schedule work meetings or activities for your group, you can schedule at these places. If you can’t choose those places, at least schedule events near the attractions you want to see most. This makes it easier for you to do activities that are personally exciting to you while still taking care of your work needs.

Be Willing to Try Something Different

You can have fun on all of your business trips if you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone — plan to do at least one local activity while on your trip. Examples include trying a local meal or catching a local concert or performance. This will make every work trip more memorable.

Just because you’re traveling for work doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Schedule some fun and be smart with your planning so that you can create your own getaway.

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