June 8, 2023

Want to feel like an A-list celeb? Travel by luxury yacht!

Want the yachting experience? Try a small ship sailing of around 100 guests on lines like SeaDream Yacht Club or Variety Cruises.
The most iconic aspects of the glamorous Cannes Film Festival? Its exquisite Mediterranean setting – and its extravagant superyachts! A private yacht sailing in the Mediterranean is surely a luxury travel dream, as well as a staple of the rich and famous lifestyle. Here are six of the most lavish yachts sailing the Med today – Brigitte Bardot’s bikini not included.

Oasis: This three-deck yacht can accommodate 12 guests at sea, plus a crew of 15. With 6 cabins, a hot tub, wave runners, a gym on the sundeck, and its own sailboat, at $399,000 a week this luxury charter is a bargain compared to others on this list! What else will you get? Specially prepared meals on deserted beaches, massage therapy, dive instruction – your wish is the crew’s command.

Sealyon: If you’re trying to imagine what it’s like aboard this 12-guest yacht, you’ll have to picture a rotating sunbed, refreshing mist spray, an oversized Jacuzzi, and a crew of 16 waiting on you – and that’s just outside. Inside, there’s a media room with 103-inch plasma screen, marble bathrooms, and breakfast in bed. All yours for a cool $300,000.

O Mega: This superyacht can accommodate 32 overnight guests in its 15 lavishly appointed cabins – or host 150 day guests for the most glamorous of parties – as it makes its way around Athens, Monaco, St. Tropez, and Corsica. Sip fine wine at the elegant piano bar, or enjoy a gourmet meal in one of four(!) dining rooms. Sleep on custom-made linens and go water skiing from a floating sea platform. It’ll only cost you about $720,000 a week!

Seven Seas: If you were looking to attend the Cannes Film Festival or Monaco Grand Prix in high style, the 282-foot Seven Seas would be just the ticket. The owner’s suite alone offers a private deck and pool, as well as its own study. The waves will rock you gently to sleep in your king size bed, after sun-soaked days enjoying the swimming pool, al fresco dining, and paddleboarding. $1 million per week (yes, you read that right), will get you a crew of 23, two Jacuzzis, 7 staterooms, and major bragging rights.

Ecstasea: Originally built for billionaire Roman Abramovich, Ecstasea is now available for charter in the French Riviera. This floating palace features every lux amenity you could imagine, including a helicopter pad. The extravagant 282-foot yacht also sails up to 33 knots – exceptionally fast for its size – making it possible to take in Ibiza, the Cote d’Azur, the Italian Riviera, Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily in a single week – of course, it’ll run you more than $1 million a week, plus the cost of fuel!

Amaryllis: More a floating work of art than a boat, Amaryllis’ lavish design was inspired by the Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco eras. The sun deck features a 20-foot pool, and the owner’s suite has a private deck, for gazing peacefully out at the azure waters around you. A steam room and massage area are perfect for pampering, while a glass elevator will ensure only leisure and relaxation as you glide between decks. If you had to put a price tag on this luxury cruise experience, it would be over $1 million per week!

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