June 8, 2023

With its picture-perfect shorelines, exotic and magical atmosphere, and summer-like temperatures most of the year, the South Pacific is the perfect destination to get away for a few days. While many people flock to Tahiti and Fiji for an exotic getaway, there are several lesser known islands that are well worth a visit. Here are eight secret South Pacific Islands just waiting to be discovered.

1. Rarotonga

With elevations that mimic Tahiti, this island is part of the Cook Islands and is the perfect luxury vacation destination any time of year. It features lush rainforests, crystal-blue lagoons, and colorful coral that will keep you mesmerized for days.

2. Nuku’alofa

This island is part of the Tonga group islands and is the only remaining Polynesia kingdom in the Pacific. It’s the place to experience the rich culture and history of the island and also visit sites like the Stonehenge of the South Pacific.

3. New Britain

Many people don’t know about this island in Papa New Guinea, located between two active volcanoes. You can go hiking around the Tavurvur volcano and spend some time visiting the geothermal pools for a relaxing vacation.

4. Lord Howe

Located in the Tasman Sea, this island s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can only allow 400 visitors at a time. It’s the place to enjoy nature at its finest and spend your days bird watching, hiking and snorkeling.

5. Fakarava – French Polynesia

It’s famous for its amazing collar atolls and the pristine waters of these islands are part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It’s a popular destination for scuba diving and the perfect place to relax.

6. Tanna – Vanuata

Mount Yaser is the active volcano on this island and is one of the highlights of this exotic destination. You can watch lava flow from the volcano and also spend your days exploring the rainforests.

7. Moorea – French Polynesia

Credit: EQRoy / Shutterstock

It’s been nicknamed “the magical island” and could be the most peaceful place you’ve ever visited. Relax with the sounds of gentle ocean waves and palm trees swaying in the wind while watching dolphins play.

8. Maupiti – French Polynesia

Bright blue lagoons and picturesque settings make this island the perfect destination for a stress-free retreat. Spend your days exploring the pristine coral garden, swimming with manta rays and relaxing on your private beach.

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