March 27, 2023

A Northern Territory safari in Kakadu National Park

Floor-to-ceiling windows highlight the habitat cabins at Wildman Wilderness Lodge in Australia\’s Northern Territory.
Kakadu National Park is the backdrop and the Wildman Wilderness Lodge the launching spot for true Northern Territory adventure near Darwin.

When you consider all of the cabins at the Wildman Wilderness Lodge were completely recycled from another resort, you realize it might just be the ultimate eco lodge. The cabins traveled to the Lodge from Far North Queensland and were reconstructed to form almost half of the lodging facilities at the resort. 15 safari-style, tented cabins complement the ten wooden cabins, called ‘habitats.’
But don’t let the rustic monikers fool you – accommodations are supremely comfortable and surrounded by modern amenities including an infinity pool, outdoor viewing deck with guides to help guests spot indigenous critters, and a first-rate intimate restaurant.

The Wildman Wilderness Lodge prides itself on offering a variety of tours and activities designed to allow guests to get up close and personal with the environment. Full-day tours of Kakadu National Park include an Aboriginal culture immersion experience at the Waradjin Cultural Center along with views of ancient rock art at Burrunggui and the Arnhem Land Escarpment from the Gunwarddehwardde lookout.

Airboats transport guests into the thick of the primordial vegetation of the wetlands and water forests in which one might spot a crocodile or two. The Lodge also maintains traditional boats that ferry guests out into the sunset for a tour of its own billabong teeming with wildlife.

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