June 7, 2023

Japan, Kanazawa

When you’re taking a tour or trip with a lot of people, things can quickly get overwhelming. It may be hard to hear and see things well with a bigger crowd of people, and the trip may not feel very personalized. You also have to go at the pace of the whole crowd, which may not work for you. Instead, when you travel with a smaller group of travelers, the trip becomes more intimate and enjoyable. Abercrombie & Kent offers exciting tour experiences all over the world, and they’re promoting their new luxury small group journeys.

Credit: Abercrombie & Kent

These new luxury small group tours will have no more than 18 travelers and will offer plenty of comfort and service to make for an exciting luxury trip experience. With insider knowledge and unique local experiences, these trip can make travel much more authentic and enjoyable. Local guides will show you everything there is to love and learn about each destination that you visit. In addition, you can meet like-minded fellow travelers who are part of your group.

There are journeys available all over the globe. Here are some fantastic offerings that are part of the small group journeys program:

These are just a small sampling of available solo journey adventures. No matter where you’re craving to visit, there’s likely a tour for you. You can check out the full list of tours.

If you’re looking to take an exciting trip and want to take part in amazing experiences with help from local professional guides, consider booking a tour with Abercrombie and Kent. You’ll be in good hands, and every aspect of the trip will feel luxurious.

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