March 22, 2023

Add Aboriginal discovery to your Melbourne vacation itinerary

Visitors to Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens can take an Aboriginal Heritage Walk led by an Aboriginal guide.
Visitors to Melbourne will find that the city is home to a strong Aboriginal community, presenting the perfect opportunity for immersion in this fascinating culture.

The Koorie Heritage Trust is a non-profit Aboriginal community organization with the goals of protecting, preserving, and promoting the living culture of the Aboriginal people. Visitors to this unique attraction can learn about Aboriginal history and culture through a permanent interactive exhibition, cultural tours, and touring exhibitions. A retail shop at the Trust also sells authentic products, allowing travelers to leave with a reminder of their Aboriginal discoveries.

Another exciting way to be immersed in this rich and vibrant culture is on an Aboriginal Heritage Walk. The walk takes place at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne and is one of its most popular tours. Participants are led through the walk by indigenous guides who provide insight into the history of the Gardens as well as its traditional owners. Highlights of the tour include a traditional smoking ceremony, a guided walk through important parts of the Gardens, and informative discussions on the traditional uses for food, tools, and medicine. The tour concludes with a cup of lemon myrtle tea to refresh tour-takers.

Participants of the Aboriginal Heritage Walk are encouraged to get involved in the tour, and will learn information that lets them see the Gardens land and plants in a whole new way. The casual tour is appropriate for both adults and children.

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