June 4, 2023

Mexico’s diverse landscape, beautiful beaches, and award-winning resorts make it the perfect destination for a luxury getaway. If you’re ready for a new adventure in the great outdoors and want to explore the best of Mexico, plan an incredible escape to Cabo San Lucas, the Copper Canyon, and Oaxaca. Here are some ideas for planning an adventure to Mexico in luxury.

Monarch Butterfly Migration in the Heartland

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Discover colonial Mexico by exploring the cities of Morelia, Patzcuaro, and San Miguel de Allende. These cities are home to several cultural centers and where you’ll find lots of artisanal goods. This is also the part of Mexico where you can watch the Monarch Butterfly migration. The butterfly reserves here are a UNESCO World Heritage Site so you can spend some time exploring the butterfly forests and seeing the beautiful butterflies up close.

Private Whale Shark Tour

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Whale sharks are common throughout the waters of Mexico and are also some of the friendliest creatures you’ll ever find. If you travel to Isla Mujeres and Cancun between the months of June and September, you’ll probably find a number of whale sharks swimming in the water. Head off on a private snorkeling adventure to learn more about whale sharks, go swimming and snorkeling with them, and see why these are considered to be some of the world’s most magnificent creatures.

Jungle Adventure in Chiapas

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The ruins of Chiapas tell the story of Mexico’s rich cultural history but another reason to plan a trip out here is to explore the mountains, waterfalls, and lush jungles. Chiapas is home to several archaeological sites and is a great place to spend your days river rafting, swimming in the water, and seeing some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls. Plan a luxury adventure with a Jeep tour that takes you around Sumidero Canyon, the Palenque ruins, and the Chiapas countryside to make the most of your experience.

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