March 27, 2023

Three destinations that showcase the stunning seas of Africa

Constantia\’s Steenberg Hotel, complete with a golf course and an acclaimed vineyard, makes for a perfect Cape Town getaway.
Cape Town, South Africa
Though decidedly urban, Cape Town’s position at the southernmost tip of a continent spells beaches and all the alfresco dining, waterfront retail, and surfing that come with them. Muizenberg, not far from the city center, is a popular place for locals to hit the waves, but seasoned surfers head to Llandudno, where granite cliffs pose a
daunting (yet scenic) challenge. Lodging options abound at the downtown marina. The Cape Grace captures the majesty of the sea well with nautical antique furnishings and an on-site restaurant serving stellar seafood.

Coastal Mozambique
If sapphire waters
lapping against untouched sand for thousands of miles sounds like your version of paradise, then the coast of Mozambique is for you. There’s much more to do than sunbathe though. The Bazaruto Archipelago, about halfway up the country’s coast, is home to Africa’s last remaining colony of manatees. Cruise around the lagoon, snorkel through the shallow creature-filled reefs, and take a sunset cruise on a lanteen-rigged sailboat.

Mnemba Island, Tanzania

Mnemba Island, while still tiny, is the largest of Zanzibar’s archipelago and known for its turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and protected coral reefs. Visitors can only come to this this privately-owned island by renting one of the ten beachfront huts at the Mnemba Island Lodge. The stay includes two dives a day and with green sea turtles, dolphin, whale sharks, and more than 600 species of coral reef fish to see, you’ll want to make the most of both.

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