February 5, 2023

As more people continue to use airport lounges to hang out and freshen up before their next flight, these facilities are becoming even more impressive. Many airport lounges now have amazing bathrooms that include spacious showers and other great perks. This offers travelers a chance to take a shower and change clothes after a long flight. Do you have a long journey coming up and want to plan ahead? Here are some of our favorite airport lounges with excellent showers and bathroom amenities.

SkyTeam Lounge: London-Heathrow Airport

If you find yourself heading through Terminal 4 in Heathrow, be sure to check out the Sky Team Lounge. This premium lounge not only has a wide variety of delicious dishes and plenty of comfortable seating, but it also has great shower facilities. Guests can also book a complimentary massage. With these amenities and perks, you’ll be all ready to go before you board your next plane.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal: Frankfurt Airport

Credit: Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Another amazing lounge that you don’t want to miss is Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport. The lounge offers quiet rooms with day beds, full-service dining and buffet options, private office workspaces, and of course spacious shower rooms. But, we’re talking more than just regular showers. One of the shower rooms has a bathtub, and you can request a rubber ducky!

The Concorde Room: London-Heathrow Airport

London-Heathrow must have all the great airport lounges, because The Concorde Room can also be found here. Located in Terminal 5, this luxurious British Airways lounge has a lot to love about it. Sit in a booth and enjoy full waiter service or spend some time relaxing on a day bed as you enjoy a comfortable, stress-free environment. This lounge also has spacious shower facilities for guests to use. All toiletries are provided for you in the private shower area, which offers extra convenience.

Plaza Premium Lounge First: Hong Kong International Airport

Credit: Plaza Premium Lounge First

Plaza Premium Lounge First is another excellent airport lounge for those who want to take a shower and feel refreshed before they continue their journey. Located right by Gate 1 at the Hong Kong International Airport, this takes lounge service up a notch. This lounge offers a first-class airport experience, with impressive food and drink offerings. Guests also can take advantage of a complimentary massage and shower. You’ll feel like you’re inside a luxury hotel when you see the shower facilities.

These are some of our favorite airport lounges with excellent bathroom and shower amenities. If you have a long layover, don’t worry, just look for a top-rated airport lounge so that you can take a shower and relax before you continue your journey.

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