June 8, 2023

There are many good reasons to plan a vacation and travel to some hidden area of the world. Our planet deserves so much attention and there are many incredible places that are really worth you taking your time and visiting.

Middle East is one of the most targeted areas of the world where many tourists go to visit important places like Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. But without any doubt, Egypt is still the attracting and fascinating Country that used to appeal tourists in past times. Its beauty and charm never stop to lure tourists from all over the world.

Discover Ancient Egypt With Cleopatra!

For a moment, close your eyes and imagine that you are in Egypt. You see wild deserts on one side and sand-color and white small houses on the other side, a typical view if you pass cities and visit small villages. It’s where life seems to be at the same point it used to be over thousands years.      Ladbrokes Cleopatra slot game, today with more seducing features

Egypt with camels, desert areas are archeologists all around sphinxes and pyramids are not a fantasy world, forever lost in the course of centuries. Today, the true charm and exotic flavor of ancient Egypt live into Cleopatra ‘s world at Ladbrokes. Actually, this top excellent gaming company thought to offer game players a superb product which unifies the Cleopatra classic slot machine game to the most advanced sound and graphics effects.

Cleopatra is, therefore, a perfect mix of classic and modern, the right game to make nostalgic slot players as happy as modern players!

Ladbrokes’ Cleopatra & Special Features

In the world’s gaming industry, Ladbrokes has been making the difference since 1886, when it was founded in the UK. From that moment on, Ladbrokes products have been identified with top excellence and bets quality, 100% safety and fair gaming.

Today, it’s not by accident if Ladbrokes is the worldwide leading game provider of the human history. Cleopatra is nothing but an excellent and superb result of Ladbrokes’ long experience and career in this field.

The new Cleopatra slot game offers slot players features that are completely new, such as the Queen of Egypt’s wonderful voice! This exciting feature comes along with more sound effects that introduce slot players into the true and authentic ancient Egypt’s environment, click here to experience this great adventure game!

Power To Sphinxes!

Archeologists, camels and desert are additional symbols that appear in the game, as well as sphinxes that have a special role in Cleopatra slot: in fact, when 2 or more sphinxes appear on the reel (in any position) players have right to a scatter award which is evaluated on the basis of players’ bet.

In addition to this advantageous opportunity to double your payout, you can also enjoy more excellent conditions as to sphinx presence in the game: when 3 or more sphinxes appear in any position on the reels, you win 15 FREE SPINS BONUS that the game system will play automatically. And if you are lucky and more sphinxes appear during the 15 free spins, then you get additional 15 free spins!

After the last spin, you can see the total of all awards you’ve collected during the game play and the free spins. Cleopatra is a totally funny and interesting slot game to play and Ladbrokes could make it even more appealing thanks to its generous bonus system.

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