June 10, 2023

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Beyond Buenos Aires and Cordoba lie some of Argentina’s dreamiest destinations. From the rugged landscapes of Villa la Angostura to the red rocks and wineries of the sleepy town of Cafayate, here are some of five of Argentina’s coolest cities to add to your bucket list.

Villa la Angostura

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Sports lovers, nature enthusiasts or those looking for a charming getaway will delight in the “Garden of Patagonia.” Nestled on the shores of Lago Nahuel Huapi in Patagonia, the upscale resort town offers a relaxing reprieve from the bigger Argentian cities. Brimming with sailing, boating, hiking and horseback riding, the town, of course, boasts the typical fine dining and spas synonymous with resort life.


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Cafayate is known for its red rock formations, and it’s also known for fantastic wine. Dubbed the “Tuscany of Argentia” wine lovers and budding oenophiles alike can explore a multitude of wineries and vineyards. Those who love leisurely days sipping wine, discovering quaint bodegas and enjoying exceptional culinary scenes won’t be disappointed with Cafayate. You can take your wine sampling to the next level, sampling some of the towns wine-flavored ice cream. A scoop of Malbec or Torrontes anyone?

Ibera Wetlands

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The untouched natural paradise marshland, ponds, palm tree forests, and the savanna offer visitors a glimpse into an incredible ecosystem. The Ibera Wetlands doesn’t get many tourists, so if you are looking to truly a getaway, the fascinating wetlands are a hidden gem. From exotic wildlife to a variety of flora, the ‘shining waters’ are among the largest freshwater reservoirs on the South Amerian continent.


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When wealthy Argentinians vacation, they head to the upscale resort town of Carilo. Near Buenos Aires, you’ll find emerald lawns, swanky summer homes, friendly cafes, and trendy boutiques littering the town.


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Head to the southernmost city in the Americas, and you’ll find an adventure mecca. The appropriately dubbed ‘end of the word’ known for its breathtaking scenery and colony of penguins, there’s no shortage of kayaking, hiking, and diving. For a bird’s eye view of the Beagle Channel and its stunning glacial lakes and lagoons nestled deep within the mountains, take a helicopter flight over the vast landscape.

Step outside of Argentina’s tourist hotspots and explore a lesser-known destination. You’ll be amazed at what the country has to offer.

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