April 2, 2023


Join Collette in 2017 and experience all the spice of India on a splendid journey. From sunrise to sunset, delve into life in this most spiritual of destinations. Unlike anywhere else on earth, India is sure to enlighten even an experienced traveler with an array of sights, sounds and tastes. Embark on a guided adventure where ancient wisdom, wondrous landmarks, bustling cities and glorious wildlife come together. Experience the Golden Triangle which showcases some of the most beautiful sights in India like the Taj Mahal, the city of Jaipur and Delhi. Shop for traditional handicrafts, jewelry, spices and more all around the country. Enjoy incredibly flavorful cuisine and even a home hosted dinner with a local family in Delhi. Be forever transformed by this bustling, vibrant, gloriously chaotic culture. Learn more about Collette’s 15 day Mysteries of India (includes 26 meals) and 10 day India’s Treasures (includes 17 meals) packages.

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