March 19, 2023

Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur trying to get work done on the road or just need to check in with your team while traveling; make sure you check out some of the best lounges between flights. Several airline lounges are modeled like upscale hotels, and offer everything from gourmet dining to spa treatments. If you want to get some work done, you can settle into a dedicated office area and fuel up at a premium coffee bar. Here are some of the best airport lounges to get work done.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse – JFK

Located on Terminal 4 at JFK airport, this is one of the best airport lounges you’ll find in the United States. With more than 10,000 square feet of space, the lounge offers plenty of comfortable seating options and a modern design that caters to those who want to set up shop with their laptop for a few hours. Lounge access includes a complimentary service at the salon if you need a little TLC between work sessions.

United Club – ORD

The United Club in Terminal 2 was renovated after the merger with Continental and now looks like a modern hotel. The lounge is set up with attractive dividers that help reduce noise and create more privacy. You can easily set up your laptop and mobile devices on the tables and the lounge area has a dedicated food and beverage station if you need to refuel.

Cathay Pacific – SFO

You’ll find one of the best Cathay Pacific lounges at the Terminal A gate at the San Francisco lounge. The Solus chairs are a signature feature of this lounge and create a private, intimate work space for anyone who wants to tune out and get some work done. Guests can also enjoy complimentary beverage and access to a dining area for some Hong Kong-style noodles before they fly.

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