June 10, 2023

Bike sharing program offers another public transportation option for NYC visitors

The Citi Bike bicycle sharing program offers a great way to get around NYC – just remember to return your bike within 30 minutes to avoid overtime fees.
New York City has one of the world’s most famous public transportation systems, and now there is a new addition to the mix. Citi Bike, a bicycle sharing program, allows tourists and locals alike to bike their way through NYC as an option for getting around.

The program, sponsored by Citibank, offers more than 6,000 bikes available for pick up and drop off at 300 docking stations scattered around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Renters simply purchase a pass with their credit or debit card at the station kiosk to rent a bike, then return it to the closet station after their ride.

Citi Bike offers three options for bike rental passes: a 24-Hour Pass, a 7-Day Pass, and an Annual Membership. Day- and week-long passes are perfect options for visitors, whether they want to spend a day touring the city by bike or use the program as a transportation option during their trip.

But be advised that the program is designed for short trips – borrowing a bike for more than 30 minutes at a time incurs an overtime fee, so it’s a good idea to return your bike when you stop to sightsee, then rent a new one when you are ready to leave.

24-Hour Access Passes cost $9.95 plus tax, while 7-day Access Passes run $25 plus tax.

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