March 20, 2023

Just because you enjoy staying at the very best hotels doesn’t mean you need to overpay when making hotel reservations. If you plan your trip strategically and are open to staying at different hotels, you can save on the cost of your hotel. There are always new boutique and luxury properties opening up all around the world. Staying at these properties is a great way to be one of the first people to experience a hotel’s offerings and get an excellent rate during your stay.

When a resort or hotel brand opens a new location, they want to bring excitement to the new location opening and attract plenty of guests to book a stay. If they don’t advertise or do special promotions, they may risk having low bookings until more travelers find out about the hotel. But, many hotels think ahead and market the new opening to attract potential guests. To do this, they often plan a special promotional rate. This may last for a few weeks or even months, especially if the opening is during a less busy travel period. It’s a win-win situation because they get bookings and travelers can save money.

In order to find out about these promotions and new openings, search online for hotel press releases. Just look up search terms related to hotel openings in the city that you will be visiting. You can then get a better idea of the opening date of various hotels and then plan your travels.

Another way to find hotels that have just opened or have been recently renovated is to use a tool like NewSleeps. You can search by location to learn more about each hotel and each property’s opening or renovation date.

While it can be fun to stay at a hotel that you already know and love, it can pay off to be a bit daring and experience a brand new hotel. You may find your love the new location, and you may also benefit by paying a lot less for your accommodation costs. Give this strategy a try the next time you plan a getaway!

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