March 22, 2023

Participating in activities and visiting attractions that are local to a destination can offer an excellent way to learn about an area’s culture and its people. Monograms, a Globus brand, is making it easier for travelers to take part in unique experiences when visiting new places. When visiting select destinations, travelers can enjoy locally hosted vacation experiences. Monograms recently rolled out a few brand new vacations for the upcoming year.

When you have an expert local guide there to help during your travels, it can make for a more memorable and unique trip experience. Monograms makes that easy for you. A local private guide is available in select destinations, and you’ll also get VIP access to top attractions and activities. They’re also there to answer questions or help you with local customs and culture. You can choose how much or how little you utilize your local host’s assistance — it’s totally up to you.

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Monograms is also ready to help with your hotel needs. You can choose a great recommended hotel that is centrally located so you can fully enjoy your trip and have a comfortable place to relax each night. If you’d like, Monograms can help you chose the perfect excursion, too. Example activities include exploring incredible Machu Picchu at sunrise or enjoying a noodle-making demo while in Xi’an. These special activities will be the highlight of your whole trip.

Check out the new locally hosted vacations, premiering in 2020:

Heart of China and the Yangtze River (12 days)
Peru: A Luxury Adventure (9 days)
Exploring Darwin’s Galapagos (9 days)
Argentina and Chile’s Lake District (9 days)
Andean Journey (11 days)
Voyage to Antarctica (11 days)
Best of Guatemala and Costa Rica (12 days)
Peru’s Amazon and the Andes (14 days)

Each of these vacations will give you the chance to learn and explore the local area in a unique way. Don’t guess your way through a new destination — take advantage of the insight and knowledge that a local host has to offer. Learn more about these incredible, locally hosted vacations.

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