June 7, 2023

Choosing a great hotel and a comfortable room is a big part of planning any trip. The next time you make hotel reservations, you may want to see if the hotel offers club level rooms. Usually situated on a set floor, these hotel rooms offer additional perks that can make your stay even better. They can also provide cost savings due to all of the extras that are offered.

Credit: The Ritz-Carlton New York Central Park

Hotels have a range of room type options for all of their guests. There are standard rooms, more premium rooms, suites, multi-room options, and club level. Usually located all on one set club floor, the rooms themselves may not look too different, but there are additional perks available outside of the room. A visit to the club level lounge gives travelers access to these extra amenities.

What amenities are offered? It depends on the hotel! Each hotel will have its own version of club perks. It may include private check-in and check-out services, free daily breakfast, a complimentary evening happy hour, access to snacks, coffee, and teas throughout the day, comfortable seating areas with free wi-fi, business rooms, and maybe even a club-level gym. If you’re unsure what perks are offered, just ask the front desk. You may be able to go up to visit the lounge if you’re uncertain about upgrading.

Credit: The Langham Chicago

The price that you pay for an upgrade to a club level room will also vary. But, it’s worth exploring this option if you think that you may benefit from club level perks. It may be a good fit if you’re traveling as a family and need a bit more hang-out space outside of the room. It can also be a great way for the whole crew to fill up on breakfast before a day of adventuring. Got a busy work trip planned? Invite your colleagues up for a meeting in the club lounge conference room!

In addition to paying for an upgrade to a club level room, you may be eligible for a free upgrade depending on your status with the specific hotel chain or brand. Travelers with certain premium credit cards or hotel branded credit cards may also be able to score an upgrade.

Credit: JW Marriott Essex House

Some United States hotels with excellent club level rooms and lounges include the following:

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