February 3, 2023

Brazil is a fantastic destination, and while you may know that this country is home to the Amazon rainforest, you should know that it also has many great towns that are waiting to be explored. Before you plan your Brazilian adventures, let us help you learn about the best areas that are worth a visit.


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Those who visit Lecois are in for a treat. The town is full of cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and plenty of charm. The town is surrounded by countryside, and you can’t miss out on the chance to spend time exploring Lencois Maranhenses National Park. This park is full of sand dunes and blue lagoons—it’s gorgeous!

El Bonito

El Bonito is a breathtaking destination in southern Brazil, and it’s truly paradise! Mountains, caves, waterfalls, and crystal clear rivers—this area is an outdoor adventurer’s dream. With so many natural wonders, this destination is known for ecotourism. We have a feeling this beautiful town will leave an impression in your mind.


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Trancoso is another town worth visiting while in Brazil. This tiny fishing village turned beach town is calm and relaxing. You’ll find lots of local shops, cafes, and restaurants to enjoy and of course stretches of beaches to explore. The best part about Trancoso is it’s not a huge tourist hub, so you will be able to enjoy your vacation without crowds.


If you’re looking for a small city full of history, Morretes is the place to go. This colonial village is located in the south of Brazil and is a very walkable city — you’ll also find bikes for rent. While here, you can’t miss the Nhundiaquara River. Many visitors like to sit and enjoy the idyllic atmosphere.


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We have a feeling you’ll also love Parati. This coastal town has impressive mountains as its backdrop. Located south of Rio, it features cobblestone pedestrian-only streets, making it a fun walking destination. In town, the shops and restaurants are plentiful, and you can venture to offshore islands by boat if you’re looking to enjoy the beach or want to take part in outdoor adventures.

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