June 9, 2023

Getting your mind and spirit ready for a future vacation or exciting trip somewhere you have never been before is a pleasant process we all enjoy experiencing at least once a year. But besides getting the mind and soul ready to go traveling, you also need to handle all the logistics such as means of transportation, accommodation, packing options and so on. What about your home? Do you normally do anything in particular to get your residence ready before a longer vacation? While eager to get out the door and start making the most of your vacation, you will also need to ensure you will be coming back to an equally safe place untouched by the hand of burglars and property criminals.

What Can You Personally Do?

  • Start by raiding your refrigerator and getting rid of all perishables; try to give them away to a charity society to feed the poor instead of duping everything in the trash.

  • Put a stop on the delivery of your mail and scheduled deliveries.

  • Let your credit card and security companies know you will be traveling to a foreign country or on a different continent. This way, your money transaction should be cleared and your security company will dispatch a team of professionals to your address without first calling you to confirm there is a problem if the alarm goes off.

  • Hide your valuables such as laptops, important papers, and jewelry in safe locations. Install proper lighting inside and around the house and use timers to gain control over them and create the illusion someone is at home at all times while you are away. Good lighting will also deter potential burglars or make their work harder since they will be at risk of being noticed by neighbors or passers-by.

  • Maintain your blinds up so you can keep the regular everyday appearance on your home.

What Experts Can Do For You

  • expert locksmiths like the ones at 247 Phoenix Locksmith can easily assess the state of all of your door and window locks and determine which are working effectively and which are showing signs of being worn out or malfunction. See if the garage door lock is working the right way as the garage is one of the most vulnerable areas of a house preferred by intruders since it is overlooked by home owners; if you also have a door separating the garage from the house, reinforce it with a deadlock. Have a local locksmith that specializes in home or car service come over and install he most suitable locks, latches, padlocks, brake or steering wheel locks.

  • Install a good alarm featuring as many mobile surveillance cameras as you need and control them from any remote location around the world with the help of your phone or computer.

  • Your insurance company could also cover your current home or properties; get in touch with them and see if your policy is updated properly.

What Friends And Neighbors Can Do

  • get in touch with the neighborhood watch in your community if such a body exists and elt them know you will be gone for a while;

  • get in touch with the local police and see if they can swing by your home from time to time to check it while you are traveling.

  • make a duplicate key and give it to a trustworthy friend or neighbor along with your travel itinerary and emergency phone number.

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