February 5, 2023

Popular Mexico attraction can now be visited on land or under the water

At the Cancun Underwater Museum, a new visitors center offers an inside look at the creation of the museum\’s artwork.
One of the most popular attractions in the area, the Cancun Underwater Museum features underwater sculptures by Jason de Caires Taylor that are accessible via snorkeling or scuba diving. And recently, a new visitors center was opened on land featuring replicas of the museum’s 26 most popular sculptures, so that even those who want to stay dry can get in on the action.

The Cancun Underwater Museum is specially designed to help facilitate the preservation of natural coral reefs by doubling as a home for fish and other marine organisms. The museum educates its many visitors about the delicate natural reefs that make up Cancun’s ecosystem.

The total number of underwater sculptures recently went up to 500, when Taylor submerged 11 new sculptures into “The Silent Evolution” gallery. These new pieces are made from a revolutionary form of stainless steel framework, constructed from materials that are not only safe for marine life, but even promote the formation of coral reefs. Marine life has migrated into the museum since the first installment in 2010, giving life to the display of sculptures. Pieces range from life-size human figures to a life-size VW Beetle that was designed as a home for lobsters.

Those who prefer to stay on land can enjoy the visitors center located at Kukulkan Plaza in Cancun’s hotel zone, where replicas of 26 sculptures reside. In addition, the center exhibits the step-by-step process by which Taylor creates his art and helps promote ecological preservation.

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