June 10, 2023

If you love luxury travel but appreciates smaller, more unique boutique hotels, consider booking a Small Luxury Hotels of the World hotel for your next trip. They offer a hotel experience that is different than what you get at bigger hotels. You can also take advantage of additional perks that make your stay better.

Credit: Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Because the hotels are much smaller than big chains, you get more personalized attention during your stay. You’ll find something to love about each hotel that is part of SLH. There are 500+ properties all over the world, so you have many destination options to choose from when planning your next vacation.

You can also save big by joining the SLH membership program. All travelers are welcome to join the SLH loyalty program for free. This membership gives access to included extras. Invited members get 10% off the best nightly rate and, if available, early check-in and late check-out are also available. If there are extra rooms, a complimentary upgrade will also be offered to Invited members. Another perk that can make your stay even better is daily continental breakfast for two guests as well as a free birthday gift to celebrate their special day.

Credit: Small Luxury Hotels of the World

All of these extra perks are available just by taking a few moments to sign up for their free membership program. Once you stay at least one night at an SLH you have access to these great features. When you stay with SLH multiple times, you’ll also have a chance at earning free reward nights to use on future trips.

If you’re looking for something a little different, consider booking an SLH property on your next trip. And make sure to sign up for the Invited program to make your stay even more enjoyable.

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