June 9, 2023

Aer Lingus is getting ready to launch an intra-European business class in the fall of 2019, an all-business class product that will feature lie-flat seats. This is one of the airline’s newest features and has only been available on the larger Airbus A330 to date.

Aer Lingus is planning to install 16 of these seats aboard the new A321LR, a long range, single aisle aircraft, and the business class cabin will have a 1-1 and 2-2 staggered configuration for extra comfort. There’s plenty of space in the cabin to allow the seats to lie fully flat and still provide plenty of privacy and comfort. Passengers can enjoy taking a nap or sleeping during an overnight flight while remaining in their original assigned seat. Since there is no middle aisle built into the aircraft, there’s more legroom and space for all passengers and flight attendants aboard the flight.

Other perks of flying business class with Aer Lingus include complimentary catering, an option passengers can buy while boarding the flight.

This new experience will be available only on a select morning routes to begin. Routes that are currently under consideration for this new service include London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Paris. Eight of the 14 planes will fly onwards from the transatlantic route from Dublin to Europe.

The Airbus A321LR will be put into service as early as the end of summer and will be serving a few cities around the United States and Canada before it goes into full service in Europe in the fall.

Aer Lingus stopped offering business class service on short-haul flights back in 2002 but is now updating its planes to provide a business cabin for transatlantic passengers. If there aren’t enough passengers transferring to Dublin, the airline plans to sell remaining seats locally. This means Dubliners can make use of the business class when traveling to other cities in Europe.

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