June 7, 2023

Local excursion in a secluded lagoon adds enjoyable learning to a snorkel trip

When snorkeling in French Polynesia, learn what could be dangerous to humans, such as fire coral and sea urchins.
No French Polynesia vacation would be complete without a little snorkeling. And, with such abundant access to marine wildlife, some visitors might wonder if it’s necessary to take a snorkeling excursion. The benefits of such a trip, however, are visits to secluded places and the added bonus of actually knowing what you’re looking at – as well as developing a deeper appreciation for the ecosystem and French Polynesia as a whole.

Diveasy, a local tour operator, offers an Eco Snorkeling Tour that is well worth any traveler’s while. Owner Laurent Granziana is a French Polynesai and marine enthusiast with a passion for sharing and maintaining the beauty of Bora Bora, and he leads the snorkeling excursion himself.

The tours last 3 1/2 hours and bring only six participants, to reduce the human impact on the well-preserved, yet fragile, reefs, as well as to ensure that each guest has a comfortable and educational experience. In addition to sharing general information about Bora Bora, Laurent provides picture cards to identify the fish, shells, corals and marine life that visitors will see, and to explain their properties. Learning about the ecosystem not only teaches visitors what they’re looking at, but also informs them about what to avoid, such as fire coral and sea urchins.

In addition, Diveasy has extra-special equipment – when guests bite down on their snorkels, music and recorded information plays, providing atmospheric background tunes and explanations of notable marine life.

Diveasy provides snorkels, wetsuits and fresh fruit for the boat ride back, though guests should bring their own fins. Be sure to make bookings as early as possible due to the small group tour size.

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