March 27, 2023

Top notch island resort has recovered and improved after storm damage

A top-notch experience is assured at Hayman Island in Australia, where 400 employees serve a maximum of 450 guests in 210 rooms.
Perched among the Whitsunday Islands in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, one would expect that an island in the South Pacific should be prepared for inclement weather. But just a short time after not one, but two massive cyclones that arrived just four days apart in 2011 devastated Hayman Island, it has recovered brilliantly and those lucky enough to have the means to experience it will be pleased as well as pampered.

Australia’s most-awarded private island has been restored in all its glory to serve high-dollar leisure visitors who come to the area for diving and fishing adventures, to spend time with friends and family, or possibly even to get married.

Guest rooms have been remodeled, restaurants have been restored, and gardens have been replanted.

“All of the buildings have been repainted,” said Lloyd Donaldson, managing director of Hayman, at the reopening in 2012. “The new beach villas have been completed, we’ve upgraded all our lagoon rooms, and our penthouse and the majority of our guest rooms have been refurbished. Pretty much everything on the island has been touched.”

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