June 9, 2023

Equinox is a luxury fitness center and health brand with clubs located all over the US. They offer clubs with gym equipment, personal training, spa facilities, and fitness classes, and their ultra-luxe vibe means you can focus on health and wellness in an upscale setting. The company continues to expand to meet additional customer needs. They’ve recently entered the hospitality market as Equinox Hotels — their first hotel opens in mid-July.

Equinox is hoping to shift from a luxury fitness brand to a luxury lifestyle brand. The brand new Equinox Hotels plans to open its first location on July 15 in Hudson Yards in NYC. They have plans to continue expanding the brand with hopes to open additional US locations throughout the next few years—including Seattle, Houston, Los Angeles, and Chicago. It’ll be interesting to see how they do in the hotel and hospitality world.

Credit: Equinox Hotels

Travelers can expect the hotel to be upscale, with unique features throughout the hotel and in the hotel rooms. The brand aims to offer a comfortable, healthy environment for a restorative rest. Some examples of this include an impressive fitness center with a variety of group workout classes and personal training services, a saltwater pool, in-room yoga mats and blocks, and soundproof rooms with blackout shades.

Guests also get complimentary access to the fitness center. The hotel also features a co-working space for those who want to get some work done or want to hang out and connect with others while traveling. Food and beverages are available all day, and the menu focuses on nourishing healthy dishes and drinks. Finally, the hotel itself is gorgeous and has plenty of design touches that don’t go unnoticed. It’s an experience to stay here.

If you’re currently a member of Equinox, you have a few perks available to you including complimentary workout gear laundry and early check in or late check out when available.

Credit: Equinox Hotels

Equinox Hotel is currently available for booking and opens on July 15. As a grand opening special, packages are available that include a complimentary personal training session, spa treatment, or a SoulCycle class. To take advantages of this offer, travelers can book directly with the hotel.

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