June 8, 2023

New activities include jet pack, ultralight plane, and semi-submersible submarine

Though the Cabo Submarine in Los Cabos travels only 8 feet below the water, visitors can still see a variety of marine life.
With a variety of new activities from tour operators in Los Cabos, visitors can explore all the way from the sky down into the sea by plane, submarine, and even jet pack.

Cabo Jet Pack offers a new thrill: R200 Jetlev technology takes visitors up over the water by jet pack. Participants begin at about five or eight feet above the water’s surface, and can go up to heights of 30 feet. The activity is proving particularly popular with extreme athletes, who quickly learn to fly, turn, and flip on this thrilling ride. Participants must be at least 18 years old, able to swim and in good physical condition.

Cabo Sky Tours offers a different kind of adventure, allowing participants to soar over Los Cabos for a birds-eye view from an ultralight plane. The plane is something like a powered hang-glider, and the company offers a range of tours. Options range from a 10-minute Land’s End Sky Tour over the marina and beaches to a 25-minute Sand Dunes Sky Tour, with both a smooth and an extreme option.

Along with the pilot, the plane can carry one adult passenger and a child, or two children. The minimum age is 5 years old. Flights are offered Monday through Saturday, weather permitting, and it’s best to make a reservation in advance, though walk-ins are accepted as well.

If high in the sky isn’t your thing, consider heading underwater instead. Cabo Submarine, a 60-foot semi-submersible submarine, travels eight feet below the surface of the water, though never fully submerges. The craft has a capacity for 49 passengers, with three viewing locations including an air-conditioned viewing cabin. Tour-takers will see the rock formations of Land’s End, a sea lion colony and scores of sea creatures as they travel out to El Arco and past Lovers Beach. A captain and two tour guides can answer questions and point out sea life.

Other tour options include a 55-minute night tour with an underwater lighting system to illuminate nocturnal sea life, as well as private chartered tours.

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