March 27, 2023

Quebec’s maritime region holds a variety of natural and historic wonders

The theatrically-decorated Auberge du Mange Grenouille hotel in Quebec\’s maritime region makes for a colorful overnight stay.
An array of natural and man made wonders greet visitors hearty enough to explore Quebec’s maritime region. From arctic-alpine flora like brightly colored giant mushrooms to an art installation of life-size creatures emerging from the sea, this un-trampled destination is best explored by car as it offers visual twists at every turn in roads that wind for hundreds of miles.

Ancient history is on full display at the Miguasha National Park. This fossil-rich UNESCO World Heritage site offers plant and fish fossils dating 370 million years ago, likely from the Devonian period.

Hikers uncover natural oddities among the thousands of artic flora on display including giant spotted mushrooms and fauna including the only caribou heard south of the St. Lawrence and a large moose population. Bragging rights are earned in reaching the summit of Mount Olivine in Gaspesie National Park, which contains the highest peaks of the Appalachians in Quebec that are attained during a 5-hour, 5.3-mile circuit hike.

In addition to the natural beauty, visitors to this captivating gateway to the Northern Atlantic are greeted by one of the most unusual maritime art exhibits n the world. The ‘Grand Rassemblement’ consists of dozens of life-size concrete statues weighing more than 1500 pounds each positioned along the coastline.

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