March 20, 2023

Sightseeing by boat is one of the easiest ways to experience Hong Kong

The I.M. Pei designed Bank of China has an observation deck on the 43rd floor that is free and open to the public.
Hong Kong’s position on the water inclusive of more than 260 islands means sightseeing by boat is one of the easiest ways to experience much of what it has to offer.

And for those who arrive on one of the big cruise ships, an array of itineraries can help them experience everything from authentic restaurants, art and culture to beaches and even Disneyland – all in short order.

Crossing Victoria Harbor to Hong Kong Island can happen via ferry, a restored 1950’s junk boat, or many other watercraft, all of which offer spectacular views of the city. Once arrived, many first take a cab to the train running up to Victoria Peak – the highest point on the island – to get an overview of the lay of the land.

For those seeking shopping opportunities, the Central neighborhood offers designer goods, while an outdoor escalator whisks shoppers to the galleries, boutiques and antiques of Hollywood Avenue.

The Cantonese Opera, a walking tour of the unique architecture, and visits to various inexpensive markets round out a quick trip to one of the most stimulating ports of call on earth.

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