June 10, 2023

explora patagonia

Explora invites its guests to explore the marvels of Patagonia this spring. Nature comes to life and amazes guests travelling through Torres del Paine National Park. The chance to see animals like guanacos, pumas, foxes and huemul deer is greater than in any other season of the year. An exciting time to visit and explore the stunning landscape with its diverse animal life and bird watching is also very productive during the spring. Perhaps the best part about this time of year though is that there are only a few visitors in the park. This makes for an even more exclusive expedition experience. Explora guests can save up to 20 percent between August 15 and November 14 with explora Patagonia. Nightly rates per person in Salto Chico twin rooms start at $552 for a six-night stay.

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