June 7, 2023

How and where to take the whole gang underwater

Paradise Reef in Cozumel, Mexico is good choice for families, with crystal clear, shallow waters.
Cozumel, Mexico, is a scuba diver’s dream destination – its crystal clear waters are home to more than 30 reefs teeming with amazing and diverse underwater wildlife. Due to these ideal conditions, the island’s coast is lined with dive shops and instructors, providing ample opportunity to get out in the water.

Families looking to take a dive together should consider companies like Sunrise Divers Cozumel, which offers small group options for diving excursions. Options such as the Two Tanks Dive service include two dives, boat pick-up, snacks, tanks, guides and marine park fee, and groups can even choose their dive sites. Options range from Paradise Reef – a 30-foot plunge for sightings of colorful fish, sea turtles, sting rays, eels and lobsters – to a shipwreck dive site.

If you’re thinking of taking a family dive trip, here are a few helpful tips for planning your adventure:

– Kids need to be a little older to enjoy scuba diving. Those ages 10 and up can complete Junior PADI open-water certification to dive as low as 40 feet with accompanying parent or dive professional, and starting at age 12, they can go as deep as 60 feet.
– Always check with dive operations to see if they can work with kids, and remember that young ones might need help learning the terminology of diving.
– Private guides are a good recommendation for families, and make sure that the dive instructor is experienced and PADI-certified.
– It’s important to stay hydrated between dives, so it’s a good idea to pack beverages for the family.
– Choose a destination that offers suitable dive sites for the specific family group, paying particular attention to whether or not it has shallow dives for younger children.

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