June 10, 2023

Two restaurants offer classic farm-to-table dining experiences

Travelers in Los Cabos who are interested in organic dining can try a number of area restaurants that specialize in farm-to-table dining.
With a rise in the popularity of organic and sustainable food, farm-to-table dining is becoming an increasingly sought-out trend. Travelers to Los Cabos should try tasting the cuisine at two area restaurants that have been offering this trend for several years.

Founded in 1996, Flora Farm is a 10-acre certified organic farm in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, and grows its produce without the use of pesticides or genetically modified seeds.

At Flora’s Field Kitchen, diners can feast on organic foods from farm produce and meats from animals raised on antibiotic diets at a nearby 150-acre ranch. Another certified organic farm, the 17-acre Los Tamarindos dates all the way back to the 17th century. The farm grows much of the produce that is used in the area’s resorts, and now includes a restaurant that was renovated from an 1888 ranch house. In addition, Los Tamarindos offers cooking classes and farm tours, and also has an event space that can accommodate up to 400 people for receptions or other celebrations.

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