June 10, 2023

A new culinary program highlights Rocky Mountaineer train travels

Regional cuisine of towns along the Rocky Mountaineer routes are highlighted on all of the train line\’s 45 Canadian vacation packages.
A newly revamped culinary program inspired by the flavors of Western Canada is just one of the upgrades to the Rocky Mountaineer train excursions. More than 45 luxury packages are available through the largest privately owned passenger rail system in North America.

Created by its teams of executive chefs, the rail line has developed menus full of locally sourced ingredients for all of its rolling dining rooms, including Alberta port tenderloin and wild British Columbia sockeye salmon.

Unparalleled views of the Canadian landscape are accompanied with five-star service during the voyages awarded the 2012 World Travel Award for World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train.

The addition of the regional culinary experience adds another dimension of unique taste for visitors to the Canadian Rockies, as attested by the more than one million train traveler who’ve experienced the adventure thus far.

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