March 27, 2023

An often-missed quarter, Rifredi is home to a number of delightful spots

Rifredi\’s most notable monument, the Church of Santo Stefano in Pane, was built before the year 1,000 on the ruins of a Roman settlement.
First time travelers to Florence are likely to have an extensive list of famous cultural sites and artistic masterpieces they want to visit. It’s probable that the Florentine quarter of Rifredi is not on that list, though it’s a spot that repeat visitors and off-the-beaten-path travelers should make a point to see.

The 11th-century Church of Santo Stefano in Pane is the most notable site in the quarter, but other areas to explore are the scenic banks of the river Terzolle, the intriguing modern architecture around the Via Romagnosi, and the garden of Piazza Dalmazia, home of the Flora Atelier, one of the most important art house cinemas in Florence.

For entertainment, the recreational complex Il Poggetto-Flog offers a swimming pool, tennis court, pizzeria, auditorium, and an outdoor cinema in the summer. The 19th-century Villa Fabbricotti is home to outdoor summer performances by the Zauberteatro theatre company, which make for a fun warm-weather outing.

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