June 8, 2023

If you frequently fly, whether for work or fun, you know how frustrating it can be waiting around at a crowded airport gate and flying in loud, packed commercial planes. It may be time for you to explore alternate flying options. Flying by jet can make for a less stressful and more enjoyable travel experience. Surf Air offers unlimited memberships for private getaways. With their unlimited plans, you can fly on a semi-private jet whenever you need to travel. You’ll enjoy a more comfortable plane and flying experience.

Currently, Surf Air only has flights available in select cities throughout California and Texas. For residents of these states, it can be a great option to consider. It makes getting around each state’s various cities a breeze. There are several unlimited memberships available for individuals.

For travelers who need a simple solution, there is the Basic membership plan. It gives unlimited flight access between core routes in either the California region or Texas region. For California, core destinations include the San Fransisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. For Texas, core destinations include Dallas, Austin, and Houston. This plan costs $1,950 per month. You can make up to two reservations at once.

Credit: Surf Air

For those who want a bit more, there is the Preferred plan. With this plan, you’ll have access to all core and leisure routes in California or Texas. This plan costs $2,450 per month and you can have up to four reservations made at once. This plan also comes with some extras like two complimentary hotel nights per quarter and one complimentary guest flight per quarter.

For individuals who want to fly all over, all the time—check out the Premium membership. This unlimited membership gives you access to all routes throughout California and Texas. You can make up to six reservations at one time and costs $2,950 per month. You’ll get extra perks like two complimentary hotel nights per quarter and one complimentary guest flight per quarter, as well as exclusive rates at the Hotel Collection.

With Surf Air, there’s no waiting in long lines or arriving at the airport hours before your flight. You can also book a flight at the last moment. Your time is valuable, and there are luxury flying solutions that waste less time and make your travel experience more pleasant.

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