June 9, 2023

Globus is a tour company that helps travelers experience new destinations all over the globe. Their Undiscovered Tours have been a popular choice, as they take travelers to lesser-known, non-touristy places. These tours give travelers the chance to see what local life is like and to explore hidden gems. Since their current tour offerings have been so well received, the travel brand is adding new Undiscovered Tours for 2020! Here’s what to expect with these new offerings: 

In 2020, 3 brand new Undiscovered Tours will be available. These tours will continue with the theme of showcasing lesser-known, more secluded areas. If you’re a traveler who doesn’t like touristy, crowded, overly-visited spots, this kind of tour is for you! Are you wondering which tours will be available? Here are the new offerings: 

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Southern Italy and Greece with 4-Night Cruise: This 19-day adventure will take travelers through parts of Italy, Greece, and Turkey. On this laid-back land and cruise tour, travelers will have the chance to explore hidden wonders as they make their way from Sicily and Southern Italy to Greece, as well as to the coastline of Turkey. 

Sicily: This 8-day tour makes it possible for travelers to experience the real Sicily. Prepare to learn all about the local history and culture as you see places like Mount Etna, Cefalu, Trapani, and Marsala. 

Scottish Highland Fling: This 10-day tour takes travelers to the best hidden gems of the Highlands. Prepare to see mountains, castles, battlefields, and more on this adventure as you learn all about the history and past. 

Globus will also continue to offer its other Undiscovered Tours. This includes the following tours: Britain Uncovered, Hidden Treasures of Southern England, British Highlights, Scottish Outland Adventure, Hidden Treasures of Southern Italy, The Sicilian, Gourmet Tuscany Apulia, and The Heel of Italy. 

Take your next trip to a new level by exploring less-traveled destinations and attractions. If you’re interested, be sure to check out more details about the new tours!

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