March 27, 2023

Get in touch with your wild side at these three national parks in Indonesia, home to some of the country’s most amazing wildlife.

At Indonesia\’s national parks, get up-close looks at indigenous wildlife like orangtans, Sumatran elephants, and komodo dragons.
Get in touch with your wild side at these three national parks in Indonesia, home to some of the country’s most amazing wildlife.

Tanjung Puting National Park
Tanjung Puting National Park covers territory that is about the size of Bali – so it’s no wonder that it’s home to a huge array of fascinating wildlife species, including its world-famous orangutan inhabitants. Other species of monkey, birds, reptiles and fish also make their homes here, as well as much diverse jungle vegetation. Visitors interested in exploring the park should do so by taking a boat down the Sekonyer River, from Pangkalan Bun. Enjoy a cruise down the river, spotting eight species of monkey jumping from tree to tree, more than 220 species of bird and sneaky crocodiles floating in the water. One of the main draws of the park is Camp Leakey, an orangutan preserve run by the Orangutan Research and Conservation Program, where visitors can learn about the species and see daily feedings of these amazing animals.

Komodo National Park
The endangered komodo dragon is a species unlike any other that makes a home in Indonesia’s Komodo National Park in East Nusa Tenggara. The park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to these rare creatures, which visitors can see in their natural habitat inside the park. Komodo National Park includes three major islands and numerous smaller islands. Visitors to the park will be treated to panoramic views of savannas, rainforests and white beaches, as well as sightings of horses, wild buffalo, deer, wild boar, snakes, monkeys and birds. In addition, the park has a rich underwater habitat, offering world-renowned diving and snorkeling sites and wildlife, including 385 types of coral, 70 kinds of sponges, dolphins, whales, green turtles, sharks and stingrays.

Way Kambas National Park
One of the oldest reserves in Indonesia, Way Kambas National Park is a sanctuary for Sumatran elephants. Located at the southern tip of Sumatra, the park is believed to be the home of approximately 200 Sumatran elephants, a subspecies of the Asian elephant. The Elephant Training Center is located within the park, where visitors can see elephants perform trained activities every afternoon, and can even take an elephant ride. The Sumatra Rhino Sanctuary is also located inside the park, where formerly captive rhinos are introduced into natural surroundings in the hope of promoting breeding for the continuation of their species. Other animals inside the park include Sumatran tigers, tapirs, jungle dogs, siamang monkeys, 406 species of bird, reptiles, fish and insects. Guided treks are available inside the park, as well as boats for hire.

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