March 22, 2023

SeaWorld’s Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin habitat is an enthralling experience

Seaworld Orlando\’s Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin ride allows guests to choose between two levels of intensity, from Mild to Wild.
A frozen tundra habitat in Florida? That’s right! SeaWorld’s Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin lets Orlando visitors hang with 245 web-footed Gentoo, king, Adelie, and rockhopper penguins as they swim, waddle around and interact with one another.

The habitat features 2,500 hand-blown Pyrex icicles, faux glaciers, howling winds, snowcaps, and icy waters for the penguins. Five tons of snow fall daily in the habitat, recreating the world that the penguins would encounter in the wild. Similarly, the lighting in the habitat is changed daily according to the light cycle of the Southern Hemisphere.

Visitors are introduced to the world of the Antarctic through the eyes of Puck, an animated baby penguin who teaches guests about penguin life as they follow his story on large screens.

The attraction also features a high-tech adventure ride in an eight-passenger simulator vehicle, which can be taken on as Wild or Mild, though neither is exceedingly intense. In addition, an underwater viewing area with a 144,300-gallon tank allows guests to see the penguins from different angles as they swim through the water.

Hungry Antarctic explorers can visit SeaWorld’s Expedition Café, which was designed to resemble a Quonset hut where researchers and scientists would gather after a day spent out on the ice. The café serves American, Asian and Italian cuisine, enhanced by fresh herbs grown in SeaWorld’s hydroponic garden.

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