June 9, 2023

Horses are part of our history. Since the beginning, the first populations in the world tried and learnt how to deal with horses and took full advantage of their strength and resistance to cold weather.

Horses: from past to present time

Horses have been the only one mean of transportation up to the beginning of the XX century. After the invention and diffusion of the first cars, horses became less common as means of transportation and more people began to use cars.

Today, horses are no more used to reach places (except for old mountain villages where people still have horses) and they are a funny and interesting hobby for many people. Horse riding is one of the best way to enjoy open air, feel free and deal with an intelligent and smart animal like a horse.

Riding a horse

However, there are a few top common mistakes that most beginners do when learning to ride a horse.

You should try to follow the guidance of an expert rider so to avoid learn wrong things from the beginning.

When riding a horse, you have to be relaxed, natural and calm: in fact, the horse is a sensitive animal which can easily understand who you are. If you are nervous, the horse will get nervous too. if you are scared to ride for the 1st time, then the horse will feel your uncertainty and take advantage to slip out from your control.

A smart hobby for anyone

Riding a horse can be a really good hobby for anyone: it teaches you how to keep control on the different situations and it helps depressed people to find relax and quietness.

Riding a horse is a great hobby to practice, but if you can’t have this opportunity you can always consider more activities to do instead of riding a horse.

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