June 8, 2023

CLEAR is an expedited program that gives travelers the chance to get through airport security faster. This results in less waiting around and a less stressful airport experience. While this membership comes with some great perks, it does cost money to use this expedited service. You may be looking for a cheaper membership cost. The good news is there are ways to get a discounted or free CLEAR membership.

For those paying full price, CLEAR costs $179 per year for an adult membership. Members can then add up to three adult family members for $50 per person, per year.  Children can use the service with an adult member at no additional cost.

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At this time, CLEAR has a partnership with United Airlines and Delta Airlines to offer extra savings to travelers. If you fly with these airlines and are part of their mileage programs, you can get access to a discounted membership rate. 

For United Airlines Mileage Plus members, CLEAR costs $119. If you have Premier Platinum, Gold, or Silver status with the airline, or have a United Airlines credit card, membership costs $109. Those with Premier 1K status can enjoy a FREE CLEAR membership. 

For Delta Skymiles members, the yearly membership for CLEAR is $119. If you have a Delta Airlines credit card or have Platinum, Gold, or Silver Medallion status with the airline, membership is $109. Those with Diamond Medallion status can enjoy a FREE CLEAR membership. 

Looking for another way to get a CLEAR membership for free? Business Insider readers can enjoy a free two-month trial. To receive this benefit, use the code INSIDER when signing up. This is an excellent way to see if CLEAR is a service that works well for your needs. 

If you want to spend less time waiting in long lines while at the airport, consider giving CLEAR a try. By using the right tools and services, you can make air travel easier! 

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