June 8, 2023

Getting stuck with a terrible airplane seat can make a long journey feel even longer. Whether you dislike sitting in the middle, need a bit more leg room, or want a seat with more comfort amenities, you can pre-plan so that you’re not in for a surprise. There are tools available that help you better understand your seating options when flying with a particular airline and on a specific plane. If you love choosing the perfect seat on an airplane, you’re going to like SeatGuru.

SeatGuru is an easy to use website that provides you with airplane seat maps as well as specific details about seats. SeatGuru takes the guesswork out of picking your next airplane seat and can help to make your next trip even better.

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To get started, all you need to do is visit the SeatGuru website. You’ll be able to search for a seat map based on your airline, flight number, and travel date and time. Search for your specific flight, and then you’ll see seat map as well as some general information about that particular airplane model that you will be flying.

You’ll be able to tell a lot from these maps, and there’s a key available. The good seats — usually ones with more legroom or space – will be noted. Some other seats will have comments attached to them. They may not recline or may have other concerns that could make flying less enjoyable. Finally, the least desirable seats are also noted. Often, these are the last rows of the plain (near the bathroom and non-reclinable) or other seats throughout the plain with significant problems.

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There are also other essential details listed, whether all or specific seats have access to power ports or USB ports, whether a seat is considered standard or premium, and where the bathrooms are located. Additionally, you can find information on in-flight service.

You might also see some planes have included traveler photos and detailed comments. Once you start to use SeatGuru, you can submit photos and comments based on your flight and seat experience so that you can help other travelers make their seat choices. Before your next travel journey, make sure to check out SeatGuru.

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