June 9, 2023

Discover Vienna’s imperial legacy at these classic sites

Visit The Gloriette at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace for views of Vienna, pastries, and Sunday brunch with live music.
Vienna’s rich imperial history is extensive enough to be practically the subject of an entire vacation. Visit palaces, wander the Ringstrasse, and discover the legacy of the Habsburgs at these imperial highlights.

Schönbrunn Palace was Empress Sisi’s summer residence, a baroque complex with a park, a zoo, and the Palm House, which houses Mediterranean tropical and subtropical plants in the largest structure of its kind in Europe. Visitors can tour the palace’s room on a guided tour, or spend a day exploring the impressive grounds. The Imperial Palace was built in the 13th century and was inhabited by the imperial family until 1918. Today, the palace houses the office of the President of Austria, numerous art collections, and the Gothic Imperial Chapel, where the Vienna Boys’ Choir performs on Sundays.

The Ringstrasse
Emperor Franz Joseph had the Ringstrasse built in 1857, prompting nobles and rich citizens to build beautiful palaces along the boulevard that can still be admired today. The style of the buildings has gone down in history as the Ringstrasse style. Today, the Ringstrasse is home to some of the most important buildings in Vienna, including the Vienna State Opera and the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Vienna Hofburg
The Hofburg served as the center of the extensive Habsburg empire up until 1918. The majestic grounds were built up by the Habsburg emperors from the 13th century to about 1900. Now, the Hofburg is the official seat of the Austrian President, and offers numerous appeals for visitors. Just a few of the many highlights include the Imperial Apartments, the Spanish Riding School, the Imperial Treasury, the eminent Albertina museum, the National Library, and more fascinating sites and museums. Visitors will also find cafes, restaurants, squares, and parks where they can relax and enjoy the luxurious and historic atmosphere of the Hofburg.

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