March 27, 2023

With the spring season more tourists begin to plan their weekend getaways or one-day trips. That’s the rebirth for the local tourism activities in numerous small towns of the US, where normally during the winter season there’s not so much to do with tourists.

How To Get In Touch

The first thing tourists normally do when planning their trips and vacations is to get in touch to the local hotels, accommodation structures and museums or other typical attractions in town.

And, the most commonly used method to get in touch is the telephone. On their websites, touristic associations or local hotels should always include their contact details in order to facilitate tourists to easily get in touch for asking for questions or rates or other details.

Phone numbers can be wither local or toll-free, namely 800 numbers. Today, hotels and local touristic activities can easily keep track of all customers’ phone calls by using the call tracking software technology.

What’s The Call Tracking Software?

Addsource is a top leading company in the field of communication for businesses and it’s one of the most modern companies with thousands clients all over the US.

The call tracking software allows all businesses to get an easy and immediate report of all customers’ phone calls along with their basic information, such as length of the call, recording of the call, geographical location of the callers, source origin of the call.

Tin particular, the latter information is one of the most critical from the point of view of marketing choices. In fact, knwoign where your customers got your phone numbers from is helpful for you to understand what ads campaigns works better: for example, if you see that 80% of tourists who call at your hotel / museum got your phone number from your website, you will probably decide to cancel your offline ads campaigns and improve the online ones.

Saving Money And Getting More Business

As a consequence, you will redirect your investment in the marketing field in order to focus more on the most effective campaigns rather than on the other ones that don’t seem to work properly.

This allows you to save money and to use the current invested amount of money in a better way. Another top feature of the Addsource call tracking software is that it’s absolutely affordable and you can even use the FREE TRIAL version of this software: 30 days of free calls for a length of 100 minutes in total and in addition you will also get to experience all the other basic options of the Addsource software.

Features Of The Call Tracking System: The Voip Service

The call tracking system by Addsource allows all businesses who buy and install the software to get either local numbers or toll-free 800 numbers for their customers.

In addition to this, the system records all calls and offers you a few top important features.

Instant and easy activation options, local and 800 free numbers, call recording, targeting of caller’s geographical location, affordable prices, access from anywhere via online account, high quality voip service (voice over internet protocol, which includes voice, fax, SMS, voice-messaging over the internet), numbers can be imported from other providers, personal audio message setup, block of unwelcome callers setup and whisper call announce. Obviously, a top 24/7 customer service is also offered by Addsource to clients.

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